Rovatti Pompe - Campione dell’Emilia-Romagna

16 juillet 2019

Last 2 July in the context of the prestigious “Palazzo Pepoli” in Bologna”, ItalyPost (an important web-portal that contributes to the knowledge of the business world and the “L’Economia” column of  the authoritative Newspaper Corriere della Sera have announced that Rovatti A. & Figli Pompe spa was awarded as a “Campione dell’Emilia-Romagna”.
This recognition was awarded to the best small and medium-sized enterprises in Emilia-Romagna identified on the basis of precise and scrupulous analysis criteria.
At the end of the ceremony the documents that have certified the results achieved by Rovatti A. & Figli Pompe spa, industrial reality proved to be of absolute excellence (despite the difficult economic situation) capable of contributing decisively to economic, social and civil growth of the Emilia Romagna Region and of Italy as a whole.
In fact, Emilia Romagna is not just a synonym for “Motor Valley” or “Food Valley”. For an Italy increasingly intimidated by an economically uncertain future, the Emilian model of flexibility and adaptability to change makes clear the concept of ​​how to create development and wealth even in a historical moment that is not exactly sheltered.




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